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The Inspire Positive Aging Award (IPAA)

King County is filled with older adults, whose lives inspire us about how to age with grace, enthusiasm, creativity, hope, and energy. They quietly make life better for others even as their years advance. Senior Services who is now Sound Generations created the Inspire Positive Aging Award in 2006 to recognize such inspiring elders. Today, IPAA is the most prestigious award in King County celebrating positive aging.

The 2016 IPAA will be presented at Sound Generations Annual Luncheon  on Thursday, June 9.

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Deadline for nominations has passed

  Join Sound Generations as we celebrate the nominees and award recipients at the Inspire Positive Aging Awards Luncheon,  June 9th at the Bellevue Hilton from 12 - 2 pm.

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The Nominees

You can nominate your mentor, parent, grandparent, friend, neighbor, or simply someone you know, whose life exemplifies positive aging through community involvement, relationships, healthy living, endurance, and balance. Nominees need to be 60 years of age or older and King County residents.

The Nominators

Anyone can nominate a senior. We encourage children, students, professionals, and anyone in the community, who has been inspired by a local elder, to submit a nomination.

The Prizes

This year, Sound Generations will award five winners.  The recipients of this year’s award will be recognized from the following categories:

Community Service

There are certain people in our lives who seem to never run out of energy for others. Patient, hard-working, and generous with their time, they embody the spirit of service without ever asking much in return. Sound like someone you know? Why not honor him or her this time? Nominate the older community member in your life who inspires you with tireless service to others!

Advocacy + Activism

While many of us want to see change in our communities, it takes a truly dedicated person to make people actually take action--someone whose optimism is contagious, whether focused on social justice, the environment, or another important cause. Recognize the importance of lifelong advocacy by nominating an older person working towards change!

Health + Wellness

People who promote physical and mental wellbeing by educating and empowering others make a positive impact that lasts a lifetime for those they influence. Is there a fitness instructor, healthcare professional, or someone else you know who embodies a healthy lifestyle and encourages others to do the same? Nominate an older person whose commitment to health inspires you!

Intergenerational Impact

When people of different age groups come together to work, play, or serve the community, the value goes both ways. Is there an older person you know who brightens the lives of youth or younger adults? He or she may be a mentor, educator, coach, or someone else who goes out of her way to be a positive influence. Celebrate community by nominating someone who works with or for younger generations!

Lifelong Learning

Engaging in creative, intellectually challenging activities throughout life keeps our minds sharp and our spirits high. Do you know someone who demonstrates a commitment to continue learning as they age? Whether their interests are in technology or music, visual art or another creative skill, these individuals are living proof that we're never too old to sharpen our skills. Show your support for lifelong learning by nominating an older person who inspires you to challenge yourself!

The winners will receive an award plaque, $250 Visa Gift Card, and a one-year membership to a local senior center. The nominators will receive a $50 gift certificate from Barnes & Noble. In addition, IPAA winners will be featured on Sound Generations’ website, in our newsletters, and in the press. All IPAA nominees will be featured on the IPAA webpage.

How You Can Help

You can help us by spreading the news about this wonderful initiative in the community. Please post a link about the award on your website, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also help by downloading, printing, and posting the IPAA flyer on your message board, at your local community center, library branch, coffee shop, residential community, office, gym, elevator, etc. To download the poster, please Click here 

Let’s help the amazing seniors in King County get the recognition they deserve!

For IPAA information and application, please contact Pin-Pin Song at (206) 727-6267 or

IPAA 2015 Winner

The 2015 IPAA winner was 90 year-old Eileen Broomell, who is a strong believer in positive thinking, a motivator, and instructor. Ms. Broomell has been a Red Cross volunteer instructor/trainer for several decades. She also ran her own business as a canoe river guide for 27 years as well as having been a Highline Community College instructor and coach of their basketball and volleyball teams. In her retirement, she continues to teach health, wellness and exercise classes at several senior centers. She is regularly at SeaTac Senior Center for her Seniors Working Out class and has formed a strong relationship with other participants.  Read more… 


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